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An article in The Guardian's G2 area yesterday took perusers into the universe of Lidl, one of the quickest extending sustenance retail outlets in the UK.

The article - Cheap - yet not all that lively? (Helen Pidd) - uncovers a side of Lidl that a large number of its customers are unrealistic to think about.The goad for examining representatives experience of work at Lidl is by all accounts The Black Book on Lidl in Europe by Andreas Hamann und Gudrun Giese.

The book in itself is very disparaging of what are seen as forcefully extending markdown organizations in Europe. A worker's point of view is only one measurement of the book, as the accompanying articulation proposes:

"With its extension Lidl is not just sending out the uniform outline of the Lidl stores. Various reports of representatives from pressing staff to administration make it clear that Lidl likewise needs to build up its organization society in the new markets. Mercyless work weight, lasting deficiency of staff, little wages, tremendous general weight and out of line checks, that is the thing that representatives encounter day by day likewise abroad from Finland to Italy, from Portugal to Poland."

The discoveries from the article appear to affirm the discoveries of the book. Look into what Lidl bring to the table new representatives with the article and the book here.

I have been working at Lidl full-time (More than 3 years). Pros. I've worked for lidl for 4 years. Starting on a 20 hour contract as a store assistant and progressing 172 reviews from Lidl employees about Lidl culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more.

I have been working at Lidl full-time (More than a year). Pros. Looks decent on your resume due to rapid growth.. but at the end of the day.. it's 876 reviews from Lidl employees about Lidl culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more.In a recent employee survey, our employees told us what they think are the best things about working for Lidl. Some of the highlights included team culture, . The Lidl supermarket in Tottenham Hale retail park, north London. ..... But for some, one of the worst things about working at Lidl is the climate

I've got a first stage interview next week for my local store. Any ideas what I can expect? I work for bp and the mo and HATE IT. what is it like to The Lidl Shop of Horrors. Lidl Ad: You don't care for workers' rights? Don't. Working Conditions in Lidl. In 1973 Dieter Schwarz had an idea. As he watched one ..
5 good reasons for working at Lidl. We asked our employees why they appreciate working at Lidl. Read some of their answers"Lidl is the perfect employer for people who are hard-working, motivated and ... "The best thing about working for Lidl are the development opportunities

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Grip tightening on what you can say about employers on the Internet?

According to a commentary from The Guardian, corporations and employment tribunals square measure finally going to grips with social networking, therein several firms currently have a social media/blogging policy as a part of their written agreement terms with staff, in addition as employment tribunals recently upholding variety of dismissals against staff for gross misconduct with reference to blogging concerning work.

Game over?

Personally, I doubt it, however it'll have some have an effect on on what staff compose their Facebook or web log.

In my read this is often simply additional proof of employers laborious individuals for the issues they produce within the 1st, i.e. employers manage individuals badly, the worker has few ways in which to complain concerning the leader, the leader finds out and disciplines the worker.

Britain can struggle to emerge from recession if British employers keep leaning on law manufacturers to stay dynamic  employment law to suit their own interests.

For additional details see however your Facebook standing may place you out of labor by Philip Landau.

Why strike?

Teachers warned about use of Twitter and Facebook

Scottish teachers are being warned that their use of social networking sites could put their careers at risk.

The Scottish Secondary Teachers Association believes teachers can reveal too much personal information on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The union also fears they could become overly familiar with pupils.

For more details see: Teachers warned over Facebook and Twitter use (BBC News).

College staff rise up against principal

Some anonymous employees of Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland have taken to the Internet to vent their apparent individual and collective lack of faith in their current Principal and Board of Directors.

See the following website/blog: It's our college not Craig's.

Not sure how long the campaign has been going on for but 164 responses so far from interested parties.

Well worth a look whichever angle you would see such a difficult situation.

What happens when the company Twitter user quits?

Hopefully what's typical isn't to be outlined by this text recently within the Guardian:

A Twitter user is being sued for £217,000 by his former leader for taking his on-line followers with him once he switched jobs.

Noah Kravitz, a author from Oakland, California, amassed 17,000 followers on the social networking web site once he worked for PhoneDog, an internet site providing news and reviews regarding mobile phones.

He announce Twitter messages beneath the name @Phonedog_Noah, however in Gregorian calendar month 2010 he left the corporate, renamed his account @noahkravitz and took his following with him.

PhoneDog has launched legal proceedings seeking damages of $2.50 a month per follower for eight months, for a complete of $340,000.

The company is conflict that Kravitz's list of followers constitutes a client info and also the valuation is Associate in Nursing estimate of what proportion every follower is price to the corporate.

The case raises questions about the worth of Twitter to firms that square measure progressively exploitation the web site to speak with customers and promote their merchandise.

Legal observers believe that if damages square measure awarded against Kravitz, it might set a precedent for distribution an advert price to Twitter followers nonheritable in a very business context.

Police blogger sues The Times

Work-related blogs seem to possess been wedged within the recent public enquiry on the newspaper business, i.e. the unlawful hacking into telephones and email accounts by journalists within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In this instance it's the owner of the NightJack diary - AN anonymous work-related diary staring at investigating that created lots of media attention not that some time past.

Two stories on this matter appeared within the Guardian last week:

For police blogger NightJack, it wasn't a good cop by Saint Patrick Kinglsey.

NightJack blogger to sue the days for damages by Owen Boycott.

I suppose it is a case of let's wait and see what return of it...

Legal issues and blogging

I stumbled on a decent article the opposite day courtesy of NetworkWorld that considers the Legal risks of blogging.

The author (not certain WHO it's - the name Klosek is mentioned at the end) believes companies ought to be cautious of blogs for variety of reasons. the explanations to be cautious of blogs include: there ar potential intellectual-property problems to think about, blogs will expose a corporation to defamation claims, and, a web logger WHO discloses personal data concerning co-workers on a corporation blog, or on his own web log throughout company time, might also open the organization and himself to unwritten misconduct actions for invasion of privacy.

Given the potential risks and liabilities of blogging, firms ought to take the subsequent steps:

• Develop and implement policies establishing the terms and conditions beneath that workers are allowable to web log

• give coaching as a part of the blogging policy

• Appoint a company representative to field worker blogging queries

• Inform workers of the results of violating blogging policies

• Develop and implement a system for observance the company's blogs for content that violates terms of use, worker policies or applicable laws

• make sure that any personal data gathered via company blogs is handled in compliance with applicable privacy laws and company privacy policies

• Develop and implement a policy for holding and archiving company web log content.

Winner of LabourStart labour video of the year

Tweeting taxi driver

The BBC News web site ran a writing in the week a few Tweeting taxi driver in Thailand.

It would appear such activities have turned the taxi driver into to a small degree a neighborhood and international celebrity.

To browse additional and consider a video see however tweeting Thai taxi driver scooped world media